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sidco_13 boardwalk
Spruce Island Development Corporation (SIDCO) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 2004 and located in the community of Ouzinkie. SIDCO, through its Board of Directors, brings together in one working entity the leadership of the City of Ouzinkie (a 2nd class City), the Native Village of Ouzinkie (a federally recognized tribal council), and the Ouzinkie Native Corporation (the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act village corporation) in support of long term community sustainability. The SIDCO Board represents all aspects of Ouzinkie’s working community and supports effective long-term economic development, project planning and implementation.
In our Background for Planning, you will understand that Ouzinkie has undergone significant economic decline in the past twenty-five years, primarily due to loss of access to commercial fisheries. SIDCO was formed in response to this economic decline, and a need for the community to come together to identify, discuss, research and plan for potential opportunities.
-All text taken from "The Community of Ouzinkie Strategies for Economic Development and Integrated Business Plans"

Ouzinkie is a community of caring, hardworking individuals who come together in times of need.

We are a self-sufficient community with strong roots in our Orthodox Faith through our long-standing relationship with Saint Herman of Alaska.

We have a viable, self-sustaining Ouzinkie economy supported by sound transportation facilities and community infrastructure.

We provide equal educational opportunities for all residents.

We practice strong, local self-determination through our locally controlled, City, Tribe, Village Corporation, Spruce Island Development Corporation, Ouzinkie Community Holding Corporation, and AdvisorySchool Board.
P.O. Box 113 - Ouzinkie, AK 99644 - (907) 680-2300 - Email: